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  • Top 10 Ancient Coins of All Time

    Money is a medium of exchange that naturally evolved from the need to pay people for goods and services that they provide. In the ancient days, people used money. However, their system of financial exchange was not as complex as it is today. The first coins that people used to purchase goods were made out […]

  • Top 10 Scariest Fast Food Mascots in The World

    There is always something a little unnerving about mascots in general. Typically these are grown adults dressed up in elaborate costumes in order to promote the various foods that the restaurant is trying to sell. While some of these throughout the years have been cute and inviting in their own right, but there have been […]

  • Top 10 Weirdest Patents Ever

    Inventors do not have an easy life. They have to come up with new ideas, devices, and technologies that defy convention, which itself is not an easy job. Patents are mostly a solution to a specific technological misfit as it undergoes a process. However, most of the bizarre business ideas get rejected before they are […]

  • Top 10 Weirdest Inventions Ever in World

    People are inventing things each and every day. The kinds of inventions that really change people’s lives for the better and the kind of inventions that only seem to suit a handful of people across the planet. While there are inventions coming into existence each and every day, there are only about 10 that can […]

  • Top 10 Objects and Things We Become Attached To The Most

    In life there are certain things that people are more inclined to become attached to than other things. While everyone is different in their own regard, and might order the things on this later list a little varied from other people, the items will tend to all be the same. There are universal things that […]

  • Top 10 Most Indestructible Things Ever

    Throughout history, the human race has been obsessed with what could not break, what could not stop working, the one thing that would keep going long after they couldn’t anymore. While there might only be a handful of products that can really claim the adjective “indestructible”, the others that have managed to make this list […]

  • Top 10 Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

    People often fantasize about what they would do if they ever came into a large sum of money. If you have never actually taken the time to make out a top 10 list of what you might do if you ever even just came into one million dollars, then allow this list to serve as […]