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    Top 10 Strangest Things to Find In Space

    Space is considered the last frontier that mankind has yet to fully explore. Only a small amount of people had been able to go into space to see what lies outside of Earth’s atmosphere. While the vast majority of space is undiscovered territory, there are some things that people know about space that is strange, […] More

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    Top 10 Best Medical Colleges in Karnataka State

    Medicine and health science are important in every aspects of life as there is a constant requirement of medical assistance for a healthy and happy life. After Independence, medical and health science field in India has undergone a drastic change. With years, life expectancy has been increasing. It is notable that India produces quality health […] More

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    Top 10 Biotech Companies in India

    Biotechnology is a recently growing field in the science which is basically the application of technology in biology in order get useful products as the result. It is a field in the applied biology which is highly beneficial for the human generation. There had been be various applications of this biotechnology. They are the reason […] More