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  • Mel Brooks Top 10 Best Comedic Directors Ever

    Top 10 Best Comedic Directors Ever

    Comedy is a popular form of entertainment that many enjoy watching. This genre of film is often does well at the box office. To make the best comedy films, a studio would need to hire the right actors, have the right type of script and they will need a director to guide the film. Comedy […]

  • Darsheel Safary Top Most Indian Bollywood Child Actor 2017

    10 Best Bollywood Child Actors Ever

    Most people assume that child actors in Bollywood industry were born on a silver spoon. Therefore, they made the cut. On the other hand, some people argue that it’s due to the respect earned by their star parents. All these are not true since you have to be talented and dedicated to make it in […]

  • Helen of Troy Top Popular Child Kidnappings Ever 2019

    10 Most Famous Child Kidnappings Ever

    Every 40 seconds, a child becomes missing in the United States. That is an alarming statistic. While not every kidnapping makes it to the national, or even local headlines, there are some that have become known around the world. The chilling details of these child kidnappings have created horrifying memories that we will never forget. […]

  • Batman Top 10 Strongest Fictional People Ever 2017

    10 Strongest Fictional People Ever

    We all have our own favorite ideas of what makes the strongest of all fictional characters. For some, it’s about strength and super heroes, for others, it is just heroes in general. What is great about the list of top 10 strongest fictional people ever is this. They are all strong fictional people for their […]

  • Tesla

    Top 10 Greatest Dreamers Ever

    Dreamers, they are the ones we depend on to construct our societies and invent the tools we use to survive. Throughout history, the masses have depended on the ideas of these individuals who have helped shape our philosophy and science. Often misunderstood and persecuted, dreamers such as Galileo and Hypatia are responsible for moving us […]

  • Mikhail Baryshnikov

    10 Greatest Dancers of The Twentieth Century

    Dancing professionally is not an easy way to make a living. A person would have to be extremely talented to make a living doing this type of thing. They would also have to be unusually gifted to be classified as great. Once again there are very few people that can reach this status. However, there […]

  • Alexander Graham Bell Top Most Greatest People of The 19th Century 2017

    10 Greatest People of The 19th Century

    The 19th century was an interesting era for all of humanity. During the 1800’s the world was changing within significant ways. At the forefront of these changes were significant people who contributed to the revolutions that were taking place in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and within the Caribbean. These continents had famous personalities that were […]

  • Aurora Florentina Magnusson Top 10 Most Famous Con Artists Ever 2017

    Top 10 Most Famous Con Artists Ever

    A number of these con artists used their knowledge and well-planned lies to gain wealth and fame. They would persuade almost anyone into believing their story. You have to be careful since this con artists may employ more tricks to keep you from even going to the police. Their scams may come in various forms […]

  • Dorothy Height Top Popular African American Civil Rights Leaders 2018

    10 Best African American Civil Rights Leaders Ever

    Black History month is the time to highlight and reflect upon the actions and words of those influential leaders that have made such a significant impact on behalf of the black community. These civil rights leaders have brought a huge amount of change to the course of history through their determination, their ability to lead, […]

  • Top 10 Most Handsome Men in The World in 2017

    Picking the most handsome man from billions of people is a daunting task but some of these men come with their own special backgrounds, and have garnered a place for themselves through their talent and work, whether modeling, acting or music. Each one has their own special niche of greatness and focus where they work […]

  • Bill Gates Top Most Famous Billionaires 2017

    Top 10 Most Famous Billionaires in The World

    Despite the fact that it takes money to make money, most of these famous billionaires are self-made. There are those who inherited their wealth while others built their wealth from nothing. Majority of these billionaires started this journey with some savings and a vision. These famous billionaires direct a portion of the world’s economy. Currently, […]

  • Friedrich I Barbarossa Top Famous People Who Died by Drowning 2017

    10 Famous People Who Died by Drowning

    Death is not a topic that most people want to deal with. Regardless of this fact, the truth is that everyone is going to die. None of us can escape that coming day. That is true from the poorest and disenfranchised individual on Earth, to the greatest person that is alive today. Everyone that is […]