About The Company

Trendrr was founded in 2004 by former Sony executives whose real passion is consuming media – the media you create.

We watch it, talk about it and share it. We’re into what’s new and hot, what’s relevant and not, what people are saying, and how media companies & brands are responding. We’re a company filled with people who live for media, culture, trends, real-time social and data. Lots of data. And we love using cutting edge technology to mine critical insights from those massive streams of social data. Insights that matter most to those producing, marketing & broadcasting the media we love to consume.

Trendrr was developed to provide meaningful data and actionable insights to directly impact your ROI.

While the emergence of social data has provided insights into consumers likes and dislikes as never before, the amount of data can be overwhelming. As seasoned media professionals, we understand the unique challenges of content producers and marketers, and their specific needs for a technology that delivers Insights, Analytics, Curation and Publishing solutions. Solutions that will help you grow your audience, business and revenue. That’s where Trendrr comes in.

Trendrr is a company dedicated to connecting content producers and marketers with their audiences.

When the company was first founded, Twitter didn’t even exist, and Facebook had just launched. Back then, our services and solutions reflected the specific marketing needs of that time. As the power of social emerged, Trendrr was first to deliver a social intelligence product designed specifically for media. Today, the complexity of capturing and contextualizing data across multiple social platforms has become a key challenge. And Trendrr has responded by delivering products uniquely designed to respond to those needs. We all know, the landscape will continue to evolve – in ways we can’t even imagine. But Trendrr’s dedication to leveraging the power of social, to provide the insights needed most by media companies and brand marketers, will always remain consistent.

We are media eaters and cutting-edge technologists who developed the Trendrr platform, and its suite of products, to support the media industry, an industry weve been working in for over 60+ years of combined experience.